Behind the Scenes – Octagon’s After Sales Service


Handing over the keys to a client at the end of a project is not the end of the relationship with Octagon Developments.


Our specialist After Sales Team is in place to make the process of moving in as easy and enjoyable as possible, with a personal tour arranged at handover to talk clients through every aspect of the house – from the internal technology through to kitchen appliances. The team are known for their exceptional connections and local area knowledge – available to all clients long after they move into an Octagon home.

Ken McDonald, Customer Care Manager, gives first hand insight into how the team work and why it’s such an important element of the house buying process.

I’ve been with Octagon for 20 years…

I can honestly say no one does after sales quite like us! Buying an Octagon home is about so much more than just handing over the keys – we have been delivering the very best homes for over 40 years, and with that comes the responsibility to deliver the very best customer service too.

One of the main things that sets us apart is the six-month maintenance we do after a client has moved into their new home. All housebuilders will do an initial snagging upon completion, which we of course undertake as well, but our team will make a second appointment to come back six months later and see how the property is settling in and if there’s anything else that requires another look at. Snagging the small problems is incredibly important to us – we want clients to be 100% happy with their home and feel they can call our team with any concerns they have.

It’s not just about the property itself…

Our team takes the time to get to know our clients, and we’ve built some amazing relationships over the years. Because we have operated in London and the Home Counties for so long, the Octagon team has unrivalled local knowledge – we keep a little black book of the very best suppliers, from gardeners and window cleaners to removals companies. I get calls years later from clients looking for a recommendation, and we’re always happy to help where we can, or put them in touch with someone who can assist further.

We don’t underestimate or take for granted the trust our clients put in us, and it goes so far beyond building them a house.

No one reads manuals, so we do walk throughs…

Very few of our clients read the handover manual until something goes wrong! We are continually updating and adapting the technology that goes into our homes, from security systems to a centralised lighting to set the right atmosphere around the house, and we want clients to get the most out of these elements.

When a client is due to move in, a member of the after sales team will meet them at the property and walk them through how everything works – from how to turn the oven on to where the stopcock is located! We find this is a much more personal and practical way to welcome someone to their new home than simply handing over a folder filled with paperwork (which we do also do – but it’s more of a backup!).

It can be tricky to catch me at my desk…

One of the best aspects of my job is that I’m often out visiting clients or going to site, and day to day it varies so much. Of course, this hasn’t been the case over the past few months, as, along with the rest of the company, we’ve had to adapt our services to comply with the relevant guidelines.

We have still been undertaking emergency repairs and logging any issues, and clients have of course been very understanding about things taking a bit longer than they might usually!

But we know the importance of communication and pride ourselves on always being available and contactable.

When clients buy an Octagon home they are investing in the highest quality, and the whole team is committed to ensuring the highest quality customer service comes along with it.

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