Sustainable living is the future

The Octagon Group is continually striving to ensure our homes are built with efficiency and environmental impact in mind. Wholly committed to sustainability by incorporating the latest technology to lower our carbon footprint, we build with a combination of Air Tight Construction and mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, resulting in high energy performance whilst maintaining a healthy living environment.


Various options are considered and implemented in our new homes, including Ground or Air Source Heat Pumps along with PV panels. Water wastage is minimized through rainwater harvesting, grey water harvesting, high efficiency fittings and flow restrictors where suitable, all helping to reduce a clients’ carbon footprint, increase energy efficiency and minimize bills – something that is always high on a buyer’s checklist at all price points.

Electric car charging points

Installing electric car charging points – or the infrastructure in place for easy installation – is also something Octagon have been proactive in including in all their sites for the past few years, pre-empting the increasing demand and legislations in the future.

Alasdair Galloway

Head of Design & Technical

“It’s not just our homes where a difference can be made – with large builds often comes large energy usage, and Octagon are committed to making their sites as sustainable as possible. Looking at a range of aspects such as adopting a ‘design sustainability’ approach to material sourcing which can reduce the impact of materials selected, to any wastage of construction materials being donated to local causes or recycled wherever possible. We use site accommodation with a high energy performance certificate and prioritize efficient energy management of the on-site offices. Employees are also encouraged to car share or utilise the company’s Cycle to Work Scheme at every opportunity.”

A testament to the success of sustainable features, a recent Octagon Bespoke project was awarded ‘Best London Home’ at the 2022 Evening Standard Awards and was praised for the energy efficiency of systems installed with extensive steps taken to ensure utmost efficiency within the home.

Working with the natural environment

Certain projects boast Sedum roofing – something that not only looks great but can provide important microclimates for insects and birds. We are always mindful of improving biodiversity on our developments whether it be integration of bee bricks/posts, hedgehog highways or bat and bird boxes/tiles.

We take an approach to leave the natural environment in a measurably better state than beforehand.

Forthcoming Chancery Homes developments will have entirely electric heating systems with renewable sources and including new tech heat pump/MVHR combi units.