Creating Kitchens & Bespoke Furniture for Homes of Distinction: A Q&A with Extreme Design


Having worked together for over 15 years, Extreme Design are no strangers to Octagon homes, designing and installing custom kitchens and bespoke furniture in speculative homes, major renovations and Octagon Bespoke builds.  We speak with Marcello Cuconato, Creative Director of Extreme Design, to find out what goes into creating a kitchen for an Octagon home.

Q1. When did you start working with Octagon? 

“We were commissioned on our first project with Octagon in 2005 and have since collaborated on over 60 different homes to create one-of-a-kind kitchens as well as furniture for media rooms and bars. We actually re-visited that first project recently, as the owners came back to Octagon and Extreme to carry out a major extension to their home, along with a brand-new kitchen.

There are many synergies between Octagon and Extreme, and we share a dedication and drive to create unique properties, using the very best materials and craftmanship. Creating homes at this level requires many specialists working together, and we believe that shared values and trust are the foundations for our success together.”


Q2. What are the first steps of the design process for the kitchen on each project? 

“Many of our projects are located in prime central London postcodes or the key estates of St. George’s Hill and Wentworth, and homes of this calibre demand individuality delivered with the highest level of quality.

Our task as designers is to bring a fresh approach to each property to make it stand apart from others in the location. To achieve this, we start by understanding the developer’s vision and brief, including the architectural direction, cultural influences, and locality.  Alongside this, we analyse the whole property’s plans to understand how the clients will use and live in each space.

Once we have established the parameters, we bring these elements together to form the design direction. For an Octagon Bespoke home, it is the client that leads the design narrative to create a personal scheme that reflects their individuality. For speculative builds, it is the property that guides the design narrative, and the architectural influences will be present in the design details of the kitchen or fitted furniture.

We collaborate closely with Octagon’s in-house team of architects and interior designers to ensure an aligned approach and that our kitchen or furniture complements their overall scheme.


Q3. How are the materials chosen for each project? 

“Material sourcing and selection is a pivotal part of the design process.  We choose finishes for their aesthetic and tactile qualities, ensuring they complement other spaces in the home. For instance, if the kitchen connects to the leisure suite, then we might choose a material which reflects the natural glimmer of the pool. Homes of such exceptional quality naturally command the very best materials, incorporating internationally sourced marbles, bespoke metalwork, exotic hides and semi-precious stones, to name a few.”


Q4. Tell us about the projects you’re currently working on with Octagon? 

“The close of 2020 saw the completion of a number of bespoke projects with Octagon, with property values ranging from £8m – £20m. We also have some exciting homes in the pipeline, including a new build mansion in North London and the restoration of a listed period property in Knightsbridge.

The design freedom and space for creativity afforded by these individual projects inspires and motivates us every day, and it’s why we love what we do. With each project, we have to step beyond what has been done before to push design boundaries and explore new territory. We embrace the creative challenges that come with each new project, and we are intrigued to see where it will take us in the next 15 years.”


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