The Octagon Bespoke journey: from concept to creation


Providing support from the very first steps of finding a plot of land and obtaining local planning permissions, through to landscaping and interior design, the Bespoke division offers a turnkey service, working closely with clients to achieve their dream home.

Laurence Holder, Head of Octagon Bespoke, explains, “The Octagon Bespoke journey is an experience like no other. Rather than picking between an array of existing homes, or a catalogue of signature styles, choosing bespoke enables clients to create the home they’ve always dreamed of.”

From contemporary glass boxes on the Thames to neo-Georgian country manors, as well as restoring and renovating exquisite Listed properties, Octagon has over 40 years’ experience delivering properties to the very top end of the market.

Laurence comments, “Partnering with Octagon Bespoke, our clients can enjoy working closely with the team at every step of the process, whilst benefiting from the considerable experience and skills that we offer. Such a collaborative approach yields extraordinary results, creating truly unforgettable, one-of-a-kind properties.”

Improving instead of moving

As well as delivering entire properties, Octagon’s Bespoke team are also able to facilitate major extensions and renovations, helping clients unlock the potential of their existing home.

Laurence comments, “As families grow and situations change, what we need from our home needs to adjust too. Through providing substantial renovation and extension projects, we can re-model your home so that it continues to work best for your family.”

Octagon regularly receive commissions from repeat clients, now looking at a complete remodel or extension of their Octagon home – from leisure suites with swimming pools, steam rooms and yoga studios, to extending basements with at-home cinemas, wine cellars and guest bedrooms.

One example has recently been undertaken on the Wentworth Estate in Virginia Water with the client wanting to extend their already sizable 9,000 sq ft home by a third – creating more space for entertaining guests, including a bar, cinema room and two formal drawing rooms.

Laurence explains; “A Bespoke home should always be a ‘dream home’ – it is a highly personal process, and we work very closely with clients from day one, so it’s a real pleasure when clients return to us for a remodel, renovation or extension, or recommend us to their friends and family.”

The luxury service continued

Handing over the keys to a client at the end of a project is not the end of the relationship with Octagon.

A specialist after sales team is in place to make the process of moving in as easy as possible. Armed with a black book of trusted suppliers and local service providers, from dog walkers and cleaners to nurseries and tutors, the team are known for their exceptional connections and local area knowledge.

Vanessa and David Tait, who have bought two Octagon homes in the last 20 years, Vanessa comments: “The after sales team are true ambassadors of the brand – they really care about their clients. We feel confident that we could call Octagon in five years’ time with any issue, and they would do their best to help us.”

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