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With over 20 years’ experience in the industry, our in-house Interior Designer Rachel Hall has some tips and tricks to transform your space this season, from colourful accessories to the power of the perfect scent…

Bring the outdoors in…

Spring is in the air and with it comes a fresh burst of colour, new growth and sense of new life. Floral arrangements within the home – whether real or faux – add colour and help to bring the outdoors, and all the beautiful aspects of nature, inside the home.

There are many beautiful faux arrangements available online that will last forever, and can be delivered directly to your door – my favourites include the bloom and eucalyptus showstopper by RTFact Flowers, which will bring the ‘wow’ factor to any space.

Alternatively, if you’re feeling creative, why not try to create an arrangement yourself? Filling fishbowls, glass vases or garden china with your own creations – perhaps from the garden – and adding faux hydrangeas, elegant orchids, small topiary balls and trendy grasses gives the display a personal touch (and can be fun to create too!).

Update accessories…

If you’re not looking for a major overhaul, it’s amazing how different a room feels after rearranging furniture, or adding a splash of colour through new cushions, accessories and finishing touches. There couldn’t be a better time to use the amazing array of online retailers – one of my favourite suppliers is Andrew Martin, who offer a great selection of wallpapers, furniture and accessories, as well as ready-made cushions in sumptuous velvets or cool taupe linens. Adding texture to your home can revive your interior schemes and add a fresh look. A real treat!

Get the light right…

Many of us have been making do with pop-up at-home workspaces over the past few weeks – and if you do have a home study, you may be having to desk-share with a partner or children doing homework. Wherever your laptop is propped up, it’s important to think about lighting, as it can not only affect your mood and mental wellbeing (no-one enjoys sitting in a dark room!), but also your productivity.

Natural light is always the most important, so positioning your desk in a space that has plenty of daylight will be a big bonus – but be careful of direct sunlight on your screen, which will cause you to squint. Halogen lighting can be incredibly harsh, so I’d suggest avoiding using these in ceiling lights – a soft, warm glow is much more comfortable. It’s also worth considering investing in a desk or study lamp (or moving one from elsewhere in your home), which will help to correctly light your workspace without creating glare.

It’s all in the scent…

While many of us are spending more time at home, enhancing your environment and sense of wellbeing can really make a big difference to your day to day routine. Adding a wonderful range of aromatherapy scented candle and diffusers – such as these from Neom – can help to create a spa-like setting at home, as can beautiful smelling soaps and hand creams.

Prioritise your eight hours…

Enjoying an uninterrupted and restful sleep is also hugely important to your productivity and wellbeing, and refreshing your bedding and towels with crisp white, hotel-style products from The White Company – who also offer a lovely range of home ware – can make a huge difference.

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