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With an easy commute from Chingford Station into Liverpool Street each morning, and three children enrolled in local schools, Darren and Sharon Redhead were settled in the North London area, but simply needed more space.

But when a large renovation on their self-built family home began to look incredibly costly, the couple decided on another angle, instead buying a new plot of land just a mile down the road.

Having seen an advert in the Sunday Times, the Redheads knew Octagon had the look and style they wanted for their new home, and, as they continued to notice the developer’s name cropping up in national property press, they felt it was time to give the Octagon team a call.

Following an initial sit down with John Pope, head of the bespoke division, the couple were shown a selection of currently available homes as guide, and were further impressed with what they saw.

“We’d planned to see two Octagon houses of a similar size to what we were hoping for, but we liked the first home so much we didn’t even see the second – it was exactly what we wanted, so we went for it!” explained Darren.

Small tweaks were made to the initial designs – the adjoined garage was changed into a free standing building, and the formal dining room given a more open plan layout, something the family have been enjoying since they moved in.

“Our favourite room is the open plan kitchen, living and family space, and it’s where we spend the majority of our time. It’s become our main family space.”

The Redheads were impressed that all fixtures and fittings and necessary finishing touches were included in Octagon’s quote.

Darren said; “All the landscaping was done through Octagon, and we’re very happy with the results. We specifically asked for a patio area for outdoor entertaining, which will be put to good use in the summer months, and we felt the two large trees in the back really helped to give character, so Octagon worked around those.”

Speaking about how they found the process of building their own bespoke family home, Darren commented; “I can only say nice things about the Octagon team – they’re incredibly professional, and met the price we agreed at the start of the project, so we didn’t have to worry about costs creeping up. It was a super smooth process, and, having had houses built before, I could really tell that building new homes is Octagon’s speciality, and it’s something they do very well.”

For more information on our Bespoke service and available opportunities, please visit: www.octagonbespoke.com

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